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Teardrop Banners For a Professional Look

by VinylBannerGuy

Teardrop banners are the ideal way to draw the attention of your prospects when space is limited. Teardrop banners derive their name from their unique shape.

Teardrop banners, in my opinion are the most striking, light weight promotional advertising tools available. They offer the desirable characteristics of a old-fashioned advertising flag. They wave in the breeze and will catch your attention.

Teardrop banners though have the special benefit in that they can always be read (unlike an advertising flag).

This ability to draw attention is a distinct advantage to anyone keen on making an impact to prospects or passers-by. Your teardrop banner can be used at your workplace, a shop front or market stall.  They are equally effective in a trade show or exhibition setting, where competition for the attention of your prospects is paramount.

A well designed teardrop banner is often just the right medicine.

Perfect for promoting your company’s image and logo, teardrop banners are a remarkably simple answer for delivering a laser targeted message.

They are especially useful for events away from the office or your place of business. Golf days, Christmas parties and training event and seminars all come to mind. Anywhere you want to brand an event, look professional and do so with a minimum of fuss – a teardrop banner will do the job.

A teardrop banner will help express to your customer and prospects that you’re serious about what you do. They help lift you above the marketing noise and express your professionalism cleanly and efficiently.

Advances in materials and digital banner printing techniques makes teardrop banners easy to deploy. They are a big statement (the smallest teardrop in my range standing over 2,500 millimetres tall), and they can make an impact that can really make your logo, your message and your business POP!

Teardrop Banner Stands

Teardrop Banner bases are interchangeable to suit any surface

Teardrop banners cut through the noise and the confusion of unadventurous signage. They stand out with the added benefit of using far less floor space than many other types of signs like A-Frames, Air-Dudes and other inflateables.

This of course is by virtue of the vertical nature of a teardrop banner design. They really are an unbelievable way of attracting interest your way.

Teardrop banners and retractable banners have traditionally been very expensive to own and in the past have been used successfully by organisations with deep pockets and BIG ad budgets.

Times have changed. My teardrop banners start at just $330 including GST.

It is possible to pay well over $600 for a similar teardrop banner elsewhere.

You can have your own (single sided) 2,500 millimetre tall teardrop banner, complete with custom artwork for just $330 including GST.

Your banner will be custom made just for you and use either your own artwork or have a unique design custom made just for you, based on your ideas FREE of charge.

All my teardrop banners come complete with your choice of the popular “Turf Spike” style stand (ideal for grassy surfaces and soft earth), or the “Sand Screw” (also suitable for soft grass and earth as well as being perfect for use on the beach).

Other teardrop banner stands (or bases) are also available from $25 to $40 each. These options allow the use of your banner on just about every type of surface you can name; see my discounted teardrop banner price list below for more details.

teardrop banner

My Teardrop Banners are on Sale This Week - 2,500mm just $299

The Good News on Teardrop Banners

The truth is you already know the advantages of a teardrop banner and the positive impact it can have on promoting your business.

Price, in the past may have been a barrier to you. Preventing you from owning your own teardrop banner.

See my Teardrop Banner pricelist below this will should help you overcome that hitch once and for all. My teardrop banner prices are the best value in Oz.

Remember, I am pleased to provide you with any artwork help you require – FREE of charge, and I can help you to turn your ideas into a unique design that will blow your socks off.

I am also happy to use your artwork too! (Click here to download my simple teardrop banner artwork guide).

I will send your made to order teardrop banner directly to you using Australia Post. I am located on the shores of Lake Macquarie in New South Wales.

What are you waiting for?

If you would like more information about any aspect of teardrop banners, please use my simple enquiry form below, I will be back to you with answers to your questions within 24 hours (and usually within the hour).

Thanks for taking time out of a busy day to read this page, let me take this opportunity to wish you the very best of success both now and into the future.

Kind Regards

Steve Scott – The Teardrop Banner Guy

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